Cortachy Highland Games & Horticultural Society
Cortachy Castle Grounds, Kirriemiur, Sunday 13th August 2023, Commencing at 1pm

How can I take part?

There are many events during the day, and you are very welcome to take part, although there are some heavy events restricted to locals. Just turn up on the day and compete.

Home Industries

  • Baking
  • Flowers
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Children’s Section
  • Photography
  • Carved Sticks

All the classes are listed in the Schedule
All entries must be in the Show Tent by 9.30 on the day of the show.

Flower tent
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Piping Events

Pipers must wear Highland Dress, and must enter at the secretary’s tent prior to 1 pm.
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Highland Dancing

Dancers must wear Highland Dress, and must enter at the secretary’s tent prior to 1 pm.

Piping   Castle
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Field Events

Heavy Events, Track including Children’s races, Cycle, Tug of War, Pillow Fight.

These events take place during the afternoon and are announced over the loud speaker. Competitors in the Heavy events are to wear kilts.

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Children’s Fancy Dress

This is held in the Ring at 3.00pm

Dog Show

The Dog Show is held in a small ring at the car park end of the main ring, under Kennel Club rules, apart from the Novelty Classes.

Dog Races

Held in the main ring after all the other events have finished.
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Grand Auction

Held by the Industrial Tent at 4pm and your chance to buy flowers, vegetables, and produce that was entered in the show, and left by competitors to help raise funds for the Games. Bring plenty of money!!


There are also a bar, raffle, ice creams, duck race, burger stall, and teas which all help raise funds for the Games. In addition there are a number of trade stands around the ring.

Cortachy Castle Show Grounds
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Cortachy Highland Games and Horticultural Society, Cortachy Castle Grounds, Kirriemuir DD8 4LX
Sunday 13th August 2023 Commencing at 1pm
Contact Anna Robertson by phone: 07834457551
or by email: